A few words About Us

K.K.S Mani Educational Trust(2004) started to promote education in various fields has so for given birth to four institutions providing education for around 2500 students every year, at vallam village, kannamangalam, 19 Km away from Vellore.

Founder's Desk: K.K.S.Mani college of education, K.K.S.Mani teacher training Institute, K.K.S Mani Polytechnic college, K.K.S.Mani Matriculation High School with overwhelming strength of 1200 students is patronized by K.K.S.Mani Educational Trust.

A student simultaneously studies both one or more academic subjects, and the ways of teaching that subject, leading to a combined Bachelor's degree and teaching credential to qualify as a teacher of that subject.
K.K.S.Mani Group of Institutions believes in producing not just graduates, but graduates of acumen. K.K.S.Mani institute lays claim on providing a leading-edge education with 70 qualified and experienced teachers.

The modest infrastructure with respect to the buildings and the laboratories in another feather on the cap to K.K.S.Mani group of institutions. The college surrounded by eco_friendly green environment also provides high speed internet access, LCD projectors and other multimedia gadgets enhances, adapt learning for the students.

In the course of exploring avenues to technology, K.K.S.Mani Education Institute has also ventured into the noble stream of producing competent and qualified teacher training students, technical students and School students.